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What's best for you depends on how much time you have to study and how comfortable you are with the subject matter. To score your highest, you need a system that can be customized to fit you: your schedule, your learning style, and your current level of knowledge. This book, and the online tools that come with it, will help you personalize your AP R Calculus prep by testing your understanding, pinpointing your weaknesses, and delivering flashcard study materials unique to you.

REA's All Access system allows you to create a personalized study plan through three simple steps: targeted review of exam content, assessment of your knowledge, and focused study in the topics where you need the most help. Test Yourself and Get Feedback: As you review the book, test yourself with 9 end-of-chapter quizzes and 3 mini-tests. Score reports from your free online tests and quizzes give you a fast way to pinpoint what you really know and what you should spend more time studying.

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Improve Your Score: Armed with your score reports, you can personalize your study plan. Review the parts of the book where you are weakest, and use the REA Study Center to create your own unique e-flashcards, adding to the free cards included with this book. Visit The REA Study Center for a suite of online tools: The best way to personalize your study plan is to get frequent feedback on what you know and what you don't know. At the online REA Study Center, you can access three types of assessment: topic-level quizzes, mini-tests, and a full-length practice test. Each of these tools provides true-to-format questions and delivers a detailed score report that follows the topics set by the College Board R.

Topic Level Quizzes: Short, minute quizzes are available throughout the review and test your immediate understanding of the topics just covered.

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Mini-Tests: Three online mini-tests cover what you've studied. These tests are like the actual AP R exam, only shorter, and will help you evaluate your overall understanding of the subject. Available both in the book and online, these tests give you the most complete picture of your strengths and weaknesses.

We strongly recommend you take the online versions of the exams for the added benefits of timed testing, automatic scoring, and a detailed score report. Improving Your Score with e-Flashcards: With your score reports from the quizzes and tests, you'll be able to see exactly which AP R Calculus topics you need to review. Use this information to create your own flashcards for the areas where you are weak.

And, because you will create these flashcards through the REA Study Center, you can access them from any computer or smartphone. Help Centre. Track My Order. My Wishlist Sign In Join. The program was initially developed with funding from the Ford Foundation and was eventually taken over by the College Board, which had been administering standardized tests since the beginning of the 20th century. As the courses grew in popularity, they soon became a useful assessment tool in college admissions offices, according to Kristin Klopfenstein, director of the Colorado Evaluation and Action Lab and one of the foremost experts on the A.

The A. Rigorous standardized tests, it was thought at the time, could be a means of bridging the achievement gap between richer and poorer schools.

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In , the A. The state settled the lawsuit by agreeing to increase access to A. In the following years, the U. With expanded access, the A.

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Finn Jr. What started as a program for accelerating the education of gifted students is now being used as a means of broadening access to challenging material, Finn says. Questions about the A. And over the past decade, some elite private high schools have begun dropping the A. Nevertheless, the College Board has effectively persuaded politicians and policy makers that A.

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Federal and state governments cumulatively have spent hundreds of millions of dollars on A. As of last year, 29 states subsidized A. If it really wants to promote equity, offer the tests for free. Trevor Packer, the senior vice president of Advanced Placement and instruction at the College Board, denies that the organization views the A.

For him, not expanding access to A. In fact, students who received a 1 or a 2 on an A. Packer believes that the numbers actually signify success. In , the mean score was 2. But to critics, the College Board is guilty of promising too much, offering its rigor as a cure for struggling school districts — something it was never meant to be.

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Yom teaches calculus AB the lower of the two levels of A. He has been teaching the class for six years, and all but one of those years, all of his 25 or so students have passed the exam, many with top scores. Two years ago, one of his students made headlines when he received a perfect score on the test, one of only 12 in the world to do so that year.


These success-against-all-odds stories are captivating. Yom credits his success to a number of things: a math department that lays out clear expectations from ninth grade on about what students need to know to get to A. This difference was apparent to Paige Veliz-Gilbert, a history teacher at Woodson High, when she attended a one-week A. She is a strong supporter of A.

Veliz-Gilbert says she remembers asking one workshop leader what percentage of his students complete their homework. After all, many students receive passing grades in their courses while still failing the A. But because so much focus is on the test — the College Board tracks only participation and outcomes from the tests, not the classes — and because numbers are so much easier to measure than the far more intangible benefits of teaching and learning, the real value of A.

It seems logical to assume that taking a more rigorous course can have benefits in and of itself: by opening horizons, by sending a message to students that they are capable. And many teachers and students feel that way. For some of these kids, it was the first time they were exposed to studying novels or plays.

www.hiphopenation.com/mu-plugins/obispo/louisville-ky-dating-ideas.php Some have never seen a play. Too often, says Klopfenstein, of the Colorado Evaluation and Action Lab, research confuses correlation with causation; highly motivated students tend to take more A. But once all the variables, like parental education and income, are stripped away, there is no indication that those who take A. The effects of exam scores are clearer. Existing research offers strong evidence that scoring a 3 or more on the A.

And while the College Board has published one study indicating that students who get a 2 on the exam may also do slightly better, even Packer at the College Board says that benefit is unproven. These findings raise a question: Is it effective to be investing the time and resources in a program whose benefits seem so difficult to pin down? And allocating funds in this way can have perverse consequences. If only a small number of students are truly ready for Advanced Placement, then students who are either unprepared or unmotivated to be admitted have to fill out the class.

So the only real way to even begin to conquer the inequality apparent in how the A. But beyond such a fuzzy and politically distant goal, critics of the A. Klopfenstein argues that the A. Others think the mandates on the number of A.

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Some even advocate for keeping the classes but getting rid of the high-stakes tests at the end. College Board representatives say they know more help is needed to make the A. At its annual meeting this year, the organization announced that support will soon be available, including a partnership with Khan Academy, an online nonprofit, to offer free test-preparation and course materials for teachers and students in many A.

AP Calculus AB/BC All Access (Advanced Placement (AP) All Access) AP Calculus AB/BC All Access (Advanced Placement (AP) All Access)
AP Calculus AB/BC All Access (Advanced Placement (AP) All Access) AP Calculus AB/BC All Access (Advanced Placement (AP) All Access)
AP Calculus AB/BC All Access (Advanced Placement (AP) All Access) AP Calculus AB/BC All Access (Advanced Placement (AP) All Access)
AP Calculus AB/BC All Access (Advanced Placement (AP) All Access) AP Calculus AB/BC All Access (Advanced Placement (AP) All Access)
AP Calculus AB/BC All Access (Advanced Placement (AP) All Access) AP Calculus AB/BC All Access (Advanced Placement (AP) All Access)
AP Calculus AB/BC All Access (Advanced Placement (AP) All Access) AP Calculus AB/BC All Access (Advanced Placement (AP) All Access)
AP Calculus AB/BC All Access (Advanced Placement (AP) All Access) AP Calculus AB/BC All Access (Advanced Placement (AP) All Access)

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