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Love is alive. It is so much more than just the feeling we call love; it is the animating force of life, working according to principles far vaster than our own lives. When we feel it moving, most of us try to grab on to it or chase after it, make it our own.

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But it is the very nature of love to move and flow. The more it flows, the more it serves. It grows as it is given. Cooking with love is natural, because through cooking we give.

Cooking and serving food are two of the most ancient and basic human gifts. Through this gift we are in turn given the opportunity to consciously reconnect with the foundation of life. Without this fundamental understanding, love will not be drawn in, cannot season, or nourish. Cultivate the trust that love is always available to an open heart, and that through our loving attention we can create ways for love to flow.

Let yourself feel — love comes in on feeling. We experience love most familiarly in the love we feel for others and from others, the feelings of affinity and affection or passion that bind human beings together.

Cooking with Love - 1st Edition

Even if you are cooking just for yourself, you can bring love in, drawing on the same kindness and compassion of love that you would bring to others. This love is not self-regard, but a real, needed nourishment for the body and soul.

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It can be found everywhere, in everything. It is abundantly present in the ingredients we use in our cooking, and we can access it simply through bringing our open attention to them as we work. Give yourself time and space to cook. Look closely at the ingredients you are using.

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Consciously touch and smell them. Recognize the bright beauty of the carrot; the symmetry of a cauliflower; the mysterious, universal swirl of a fiddlehead; the simple wonder of an egg. Breathe in the scent of the herbs and be conscious of their unique properties — how one can revive your liver and another soothe your stomach. Imagine the cow, buffalo, or chicken in the meat, milk, cheese, or eggs you are cooking, acknowledging the living animal whose life has become part of your food. Feel the love from the Earth that has made all this bounty available to you.

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It is accessible through the simple awareness and care you bring to chopping the vegetables, stirring the pot. As you work, bring the feeling from your heart into your hands, from your hands into the food. Love is alive; it wants to flow, and through your attention you can participate in directing its flow. As you pepper the stew to refine the taste, be aware that you are creating something to give, to feed, and share. Reaffirm the fundamental generosity of the Earth — how it not only keeps us alive but gives us pleasure and enjoyment through our senses of smell and taste, and how through cooking you are participating in that generosity.

In our modern world we have almost entirely lost this direct relationship with food. But food links us together and to the Earth, and cooking can help us become more conscious of this essential gift of love. Everything that is part of cooking — from the fire of the stove and the herbs we season with, to the water or wine we pour — invites us to consciously participate in this circle of life that both gives and receives.

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The pre-launch event is on Sunday, March 31 at 2. Bookings: shalom. Pre-order the book at justaddlove. Photo: David Mane. Eva Grinston and her grandson Nicholas. JBOD: Standing by our fundraising campaign. Sydney Beth Din to be investigated. Related Posts. Ancient cultures saw food as a gift of God, and believed God manifested in sacred celebrations.

Understanding this can transform our relationship to food, and inform our relations with others, making ordinary meals sacred occasions. I tasted her love.

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We can give love-infused food to others by cooking with loving awareness. We can turn ordinary dining experiences with family and friends into loving, sacred occasions.

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May your relationship with food nourish you to the fullest in body, mind, and spirit. Secrets of food, love, life, and spirit. Traveling the world for years, I discovered common threads of a sacred relationship with food that runs through every culture and tradition. My book integrates centuries of wisdom from around the world with contemporary, scientific insights to show how the food we eat plays the most vital role in everything we are.

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Cooking with Love Cooking with Love
Cooking with Love Cooking with Love
Cooking with Love Cooking with Love
Cooking with Love Cooking with Love
Cooking with Love Cooking with Love
Cooking with Love Cooking with Love

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