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But against increasingly vocal antiliberal thinkers, he argues that modern democracy can provide a moral vision and has made possible such moral achievements as civil rights precisely because it allows a multitude of claims to be heard. Stout's distinctive pragmatism reconfigures the disputed area where religious thought, political theory, and philosophy meet. Charting a path beyond the current impasse between secular liberalism and the new traditionalism, Democracy and Tradition asks whether we have the moral strength to continue as a democratic people as it invigorates us to retrieve our democratic virtues from very real threats to their practice.

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To get the free app, enter your mobile phone number. Democracy and Tradition is a timely contribution to our understanding of the tradition of democracy and the practices that are needed to sustain it. Ream, Scottish Journal of Theology "[Stout's] vision of democracy is compelling, simultaneously inspiring and comforting. Stout speaks to us as citizens, asks us to read him as citizens, and encourages us to reflect on what sorts of citizens our theologies invite us to be.

Democracy and Tradition

At its strongest, Stout's case refreshes with its view of democracy-not simply a 'notion' but a robust tradition that none should abandon. Hovey, Theology Today "Stout's book offers many sophisticated and well-argued insights on liberal political philosophy, Christian theology, and the relations between them. It combines historical analysis with illuminating observations regarding current affairs. Its project--to reconcile democracy and religion--is both theoretically fascinating and politically urgent.

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With this book, Stout offers an imposing theoretical alternative that reintegrates traditional religious and moral discourse into the very essence of democracy. It could not be more timely, particularly as Western liberal democracy is being exported by force of armed invasion to traditional religious societies that view it with understandable traditionalist suspicions.

Brunk, Philosophy in Review "A spirited defense of democratic values and practices in disheartening times. This volume not only offers a philosophical analysis but also an exemplary instance of democratic discourse.

This is a wonderful book. Beach-Verhey, Political Theory "[This is a] clear, fair, engaging, and wise book.

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Kerlin, Theological Studies "Appearing at a time when religion and politics 'run perpetually into one another' with great visibility, violence, and import, [this book] should become this generation's seminal work of political philosophy. Though Stout is fully aware that the social reality is often more bleak, he confronts injustice with a passion born out of his awareness that something much better is not only possible but already exists. If his underlying optimism about American democracy is right, it's hard to refuse his invitation to religious people to participate in it.

He shows that democracy's moral achievements have been brought about by the uniquely democratic commitment to allowing all members of the community an equal voice in demanding reasons for action and policy touching the whole.

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Democracy and Tradition will give rise to a new set of questions about the place of religion in American politics and the way in which political philosophy is written. Scott Davis, University of Richmond "With a clarity that can only be gained through a charitable reading of those with whom he disagrees, Stout inaugurates a fresh conversation between advocates of democracy and those who hold substantive Christian convictions.

In Democracy and Tradition , the Emersonian tradition is given new life, helping Americans envision what a vital politics contains. Stout's account of the formation of democratic culture in America demonstrates that rights theory and virtue theory can and do cohere in a complex and rich tradition. With both eyes open, Stout displays both the serious challenges facing democracy in America including the new religious traditionalists and the resources for strengthening it including feminist and African-American religious critics, as well as the American pragmatist tradition.

'What's Ailing Liberal Democracy? What Tocqueville Can Still Teach Us'

This book should be taught alongside Rawls in law schools and Hauerwas in seminaries. It is also a substantial contribution to American studies, cultural studies, political theory, American history, and philosophical and religious ethics.

‘Democracy and Spirituality Weekend’ in Costa Navarino

No more demonization, no more Manichean battles between 'militant secularists' and 'religious traditionalists. Cathleen Kaveny, John P. Murphy Foundation Professor of Law and Professor of Theology, University of Notre Dame "Stout has done more than any other writer to bring to our attention the problems facing democracy due to our inability to talk things over with religious believers. Thomas Carothers of the Carnegie Endowment Trust CQ Press Your definitive resource for politics, policy and people.

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    Democracy and Tradition (New Forum Books) Democracy and Tradition (New Forum Books)
    Democracy and Tradition (New Forum Books) Democracy and Tradition (New Forum Books)
    Democracy and Tradition (New Forum Books) Democracy and Tradition (New Forum Books)
    Democracy and Tradition (New Forum Books) Democracy and Tradition (New Forum Books)
    Democracy and Tradition (New Forum Books) Democracy and Tradition (New Forum Books)
    Democracy and Tradition (New Forum Books) Democracy and Tradition (New Forum Books)
    Democracy and Tradition (New Forum Books) Democracy and Tradition (New Forum Books)

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