Honey In My Tea: The Substance of Intimacy

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The various poems in this book repersent a different stage or a different emotion someone experienced while in love, or loving someone! I hope you all enjoy reading it! Check out my blog www.

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Survivors and Their Families Share Stories & Experiences.

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Books by Lesley View All. Millar, Lesley, Kettle, Sumpter, Lashawnda Redden, Lay back and allow me to lay my head on your chest, so I can stare into your eyes and try to figure out what it is that you're looking for from me.

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Let me listen to your heart beat so I can make mine stop and beat in sync with yours. I want you so bad I can taste you from a mile away! I always wanted you in my heart my body yarns for you and I just feel so lost without you. I love every moment that we have made together, you live with a part of me in your heart and I long to never go without it! I always remember your touch first its filled with power and comfort, your hug increases the beats of my heart, your kiss saturates the empty part of my soul, I really want to love you forever but somewhere along the way we jumped into the pool of never.

All the times we shared together I just knew I was going to have you all to myself if only for forever. But now time has passed and we always wonder about the what if's and if we would have, I want to try and see because you know we already should have. I still want you and I can't believe you don't think I am real but I know what I have went through with you, I am not sure if you're ready for a lady like me, I can surely help you get to where you need to be!

Can you just love me, and let me love you and then both of us will love each other and drift into the wind. So hold my hand I won't steer you wrong I promise to love you hard and I will make sure you have everything you need to make you as happy, if you just give me a chance.

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I promise baby just let me love you! Sometimes I sit in utter shock and disbelief that I have allowed myself to acquire all these feelings so quickly but it feels so real and pure. You have brought out a youthfulness in me that seemed to be buried under all the hurt and pain that I have acquired from all my previous relationships.

You have taught me how to let my guard down and there are still good people in the world. And my preference is someone like you, so fine, so true, I wonder all the mental stimulation that I can pleasure you with. I have never felt intimacy like this before, this is where my mind always wondered off to when I was in the moment of dissatisfaction and utter disbelief that the passion didn't arise, climax wasn't reached, the shacking never happened, the moans and the coming never came.

I found myself wondering if your DNA make up was the down fall for all of this. I finally let go of the bullshit that you took me through, the foolish tears I had to cry, the nights I questioned why, all the empty promises, and the goals you never felt the need to obtain and the changes I asked that we make. You pushed me away and I found what I was missing I found what made me happy.

I fell in love with life and I hope I never cross back over to acquire any of the unwanted things back. See All Customer Reviews. Learn More. Shop Books. Read an excerpt of this book! Add to Wishlist. USD Sign in to Purchase Instantly. What I Bring I use to be the happiest black woman that walked the face of this earth.

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My inner soul looking to be loved and my torn eyes that have seen pain I bring a new me waiting to start over and grow into something beautiful, everlasting, and untouchably amazing. Our love has stopped! Blossoming Serenity With the intense love that I hold for you I would love to write our fair-tale. Taken Seems like it's always something or someone wanting or needing something from me, have I acquired too much giving or are they allowing too much taking?

Back Then I thought we had something true but you're acting like you don't give a damn about me and you. Sincerely; Your Wife Every time I think of you my heart reeks of happiness; just the thought of us building dreams and moving mountains together makes me delighted!

Chingy thing But she wants a ring, we lusting, dating, vibing, gathering, laughing, loving, caring, We are a couple She adds to him perfectly, he makes her day feel complete. He sends her a special messages everyday at the same time. Untitled 1 This is how I feel please let me love you from within Let it shine from the outside and glow in Let me know we can be more than friends and from there it will never end Embrace me and take something from me only one can do Don't just take it, grab it, take it make it slow, and let me know Junction Right now I really just want your touch on my skin.

Hooked HUH? Excerpted by permission of AuthorHouse. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher. Excerpts are provided by Dial-A-Book Inc. Show More.

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Average Review. Write a Review. Related Searches. The third in the Ben Schroeder legal thriller series brings Ben into the contact with The third in the Ben Schroeder legal thriller series brings Ben into the contact with the world of Cambridge spies The British Establishment is reeling after a series of defections and acts of treachery by high-ranking Intelligence Officers. When Francis View Product. As the Sweet Honey Runs.


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An inspirational, self-healing book that is spiritually led by a connection to God. Stricken with Stricken with three major illnesses in a short time, Elizabeth finds herself through storms in life. She struggles to survive as she moves forward in her journey Bouki's Honey. Come share in the rich, Creole Culture of Louisiana, cher! Learn French Creole and laugh Dripping Honey.

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Dripping Honey is the story of a young boy's obsession with the arrival of black Dripping Honey is the story of a young boy's obsession with the arrival of black American GIs into his hometown in He experiences the infectious energy and distinctive rhythms imported by the visitors and recounts the excitement, confusion, sexual Hibernation: Honey Badger Attack. Green clay gel, rich in natural oligoelements, nourishes and tones skin.

Demeter officinal herb extracts and pure essential oils protect skin, without disturbing normal physiological conditions. The highly biogradable foaming agents are obtained from precious vegetable raw materials such as sugar, coconut, palm, and wheatgerm. Characteristic functional substances: green clay and essential oil of tea tree, peppermint, lavender, cloves. The product Delicate Liquid Soap for personal hygiene - ml by Argital belongs to Intimate Cleansers category in Beauty and cosmetics - Beauty and cosmetics.

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Honey In My Tea: The Substance of Intimacy Honey In My Tea: The Substance of Intimacy
Honey In My Tea: The Substance of Intimacy Honey In My Tea: The Substance of Intimacy
Honey In My Tea: The Substance of Intimacy Honey In My Tea: The Substance of Intimacy
Honey In My Tea: The Substance of Intimacy Honey In My Tea: The Substance of Intimacy
Honey In My Tea: The Substance of Intimacy Honey In My Tea: The Substance of Intimacy
Honey In My Tea: The Substance of Intimacy Honey In My Tea: The Substance of Intimacy

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