Where Are the Stones that Tripped Me? A Personal Journey

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The Copenhagen-based musician has released numerous songs and albums with his previous bands, I Got You On Tape and Murder , with side projects, and features as well as a solo artist. Trail Of Intuition is his fourth solo album and the second one that's internationally signed with HFN. Trail Of Intuition is a collection of snapshots of the whole range of feelings for which Bellens digs into the pool of his own experiences. With a significant focus on pop music, an electronic synth twist, and catchy song structures, Trail Of Intuition feels both, bright and melancholic, in many ways.

The opener "Sunrise In East" combines warm piano sounds with a semi-psychedelic fantasy and references both personal memories as well as thoughts about nuclear war and druggy, sleeping bees.

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The rather upbeat single "Renegade" deals with the experience of loss as well as the fear of losing a loved one again, but it also draws on youthful aspirations. Driven by a groovy electronic bass, it has an optimistic and hopeful vibe although lyrically it's one of the darker songs on the album.

While "All The Songs" and "Sound Of Laughter" are in many ways merely classical love songs, "Brick By Brick" revolves around the love for the process of making and creating music one day after another. With Trail of Intuition , Bellen's heads out for the fourth time to tell his story wrapped in catchy pop tunes full of playful oddity to steal the hearts of his soon-to-be fans all over the world.

CD version comes in a digipack. The Copenhagen based pop wonders Blaue Blume return with Sobs. After releasing records and touring with his synthesizer-driven Kap10Kurt outfit, the Swiss-born New Yorker focused on working in the studio with a long list of major acts like The Kills and Moby , while also writing several original songs together with Dave Gahan for the latest two Depeche Mode albums.

His song "Die Sleeping" was an early classic of dreamy, club-ready synth pop, and it caught the attention of fans and artists around the world. It eventually landed him a gig recording with Depeche Mode singer Dave Gahan, not to mention a long list of major acts such as Moby and The Kills.

Cryosleep is an album of contrasts and tension, where darkness is pierced by blinding light, and where moody new wave bleeds into stark electronics.


In one moment, joyful memories give way to isolation and regret, and in the next, Cryosleep explores the catharsis of crowded dancefloors. Dave Gahan Aristokrasia Version ". Limited edition color vinyl.

Fountain Of Youth. But for Fountain Of Youth , Kasper turns his own full attention to the business of making people move. Fountain of Youth is a mini-LP drawing on Kasper's 15 years immersed in club culture and inspired by some of the genres he plays in his own DJ sets around the world: house, classic electro, post-disco and techno. It's exceptionally executed, a masterclass in exquisite sound and production - an innate knowledge of dance floor dynamics. The captivating computer visualized art piece is called "Lidenskab" which translates into "Passion".

Polyester Skin. Jacob Bellens 's Polyester Skin is sure to amaze left-field pop enthusiasts and singer-songwriter fans alike. The locally celebrated and award-winning singer-songwriter's third solo album is a wonderful mix of heartfelt lyrics, crisp and modern pop production, and Bellens's signature vocals, which never fail to captivate.

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As a household name in his native Denmark, Bellens is no stranger to releasing albums and playing live. He has released many albums with his own bands including Murder and I Got You on Tape , turned in guest performances for other artists, and played close to shows. Opener "Tidal Wave" sets the mood with open, airy production backing Bellens's voice. One of Jacob Bellens's distinctive features is the almost Damon Albarn -esque musical diversity of his output. The heavy groove, synth strings, and especially the vocal rhythm of "Behind the Barricades" reveal Bellens's long-held fascination with rap, while "Raining Parachutes" has a Caribbean feel to it, a musical style at which Bellens's earlier work has also hinted.

Polyester Skin features quite a few tracks with shuffling grooves and synths that pay homage to a certain flavor of '80s pop, including the up-tempo "Ace of Spades" and the beautiful ballad "Untouchable. Includes download code. Seven Dreams of Fire.

Imagine bringing together two distinct but complementary musical talents, already established as composers and producers in their own right, one male -- with years as a performer on the festival and club circuit behind him -- and one female -- a rising star with a siren's voice, a maverick committed to live performance. Imagine their astonishing sound: an intoxicating concoction of driving rhythms, lush synths, psychedelic effects, and instantly memorable hooks drenched in a dark atmosphere of melancholy and brooding beauty.

Kicking off with the single "Things We Do for Love" -- a masterclass in slo-mo house, with Bon Homme's husky drawl and Lydmor's pure voice soaring over a luxurious bed of sustained pads -- it's an album with a consistent quality that never lets up. From the stirring orchestral strings of "Trooper" to the expansive motorik disco of "Dream of Fire" to the low-slung bassy groove of "Go Fingers Go" to the lush, anthemic "Flash" to the stripped-down sub-bass and intimate vocals of "Wired," it's a fine representation of the duo's string of intense, crowd-pleasing live performances.

A playful analog synth symphony opens "Vanity," ample testimony to their experimental edge and yet another pop noir classic. CD includes two extra tracks. Dance and Cry. Defying convention, Josephine Philip and Ina Lindgreen effortlessly blend a host of rock and pop influences, the textures and structures of electronic dance music, and the haunting atmospheres of art-house cinema soundtracks to produce an album of deep longing and icy cool -- all drawn together by impeccable vocals that embody a decidedly glamorous melancholy.

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It's an album that will tick all the boxes for a diverse range of listeners; as they themselves put it: "In our music, there is something for the mind, something for the heart and something for the feet too. A slow house kick drum adds momentum, as one carefully curated sound after another enriches the musical palette until it builds to a heart-stirring climax. The haunting "The Answer" -- a tale of love, desire and loss -- maintains the quality, as a Cure -like guitar motif circles over a beautifully textured beat of found sounds.

Lush and yearning, it's instantly unforgettable. From this point on, it's clear that picking favorites will be a thankless task: this is an album of consistent brilliance. A dizzying whirlpool, Dance and Cry draws on a dazzling array of influences.


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The Jesus and Mary Chain , Cocteau Twins , Kate Bush , Nite Jewel , bedroom pop, widescreen expanses, basement rock, church choir ethereality -- each listener will bring personal touchstones and inspirations to mind. Dance and Cry couldn't be more fitting in these terms: an album of great richness in which you'll want to immerse yourself. Artwork by multi-award-winning Danish photographer and artist Peter Funch. Mechanical Tonight. Bringing together Nick Maurer's gift for bite-size storytelling and Neville Attree's intricate, melodic arrangements, the album is an infectious collection of tracks that resonate with a distinctive crossover appeal, while the dynamic beats ensure it still gravitates towards the dancefloor.

Tripping Out

Faded Ranger stumbled into existence soon after and has come to represent a meeting of minds borne out of circumstance and driven by musical legacy. Mechanical Tonight may be retro in its outlook as the pair work the presence of past influences out of their systems, but the melting pot of ideas and references converge at a point of undeniable modern appeal. Amid the conjured beats, majicked lyrics, jokes and storytelling, they hit the ground running, penning "Blindfolds," "Mechanical Tonight," "Pretty Colors" and "Be on the Lookout" in quick succession, setting the tone for the eclectic nature of the album.

Lyrical content also plays an integral part in the album's alchemy like on the tripped-out sci-fi-dub "Pretty Colors. With its slow, deliberate groove, vocal hooks and epic arrangement, "Get Together Right Now " recalls the halcyon days of house music. The opening cut "Going Somewhere" is an acute representation of the duo's plethora of influences that should appeal to new and vintage tastes alike, while the album cools out on a poignant note as "The Weak and the Strong" combines classic programming, heartfelt vocals and shifts of melodic suspense.

It rounds off an intriguing panorama of sound that captivates and entertains in equal measures. LP contains download code. After Forever. Out of my safety zone and into a darker space. For After Forever managed to acquire some brilliant collaborators: Kurt Uenala is known for his releases as kap10kurt , but became famous for his songwriting and production for bands like Depeche Mode , Moby , Dave Gahan , The Black Ryder , etc.

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Soho Rezanejad is a promising new talent from the Copenhagen underground and known for her band Gold Lip. According to The Guardian he is "the most impressive 'rock'n'roll' artist with an alternate simultaneous 'proper' job that we've heard of since Vic Godard the post-punk postman. The Finnish year-old has been releasing records back home, while being a tram driver in Helsinki. Cover artwork based on the painting After Forever by John Copeland. Both, he claims, are attenuated in ceremonies with established shamans or at ayahuasca centers.

Ayahuasca has been used by indigenous Amazonian cultures for centuries. In , a group of multidisciplinary researchers, including ethnopharmacologist Dennis J. They tracked everything from pupil dilation to body temperature and published the results in a half dozen medical journals over the next six years. Blood sampling of 13 longtime users and 10 controls found that users have elevated serotonin transporters in the brain for two to four weeks following ceremonies, which may indicate an increase in the neurotransmitter.

Low levels of transporters are associated with alcoholism, depression, and anxiety disorders. The researchers also conducted psychological evaluations of 15 church members chosen at random and 15 control subjects. In an article in The Journal of Medical and Nervous Disease , they reported surprise at both the exceptionally healthy psychological profiles of the regular users and their backgrounds: Five had prior alcoholism; two, depressive disorders; and three, anxiety disorders—and all were in remission.

Among the controls, just three had similar conditions, two active. Though the findings are far from definitive, McKenna, who's a cofounder of the Heffter Research Institute, which funds studies on medical uses for hallucinogens, says the former addicts told similar stories about how the drug kick-started their recoveries.

Where Are the Stones that Tripped Me? A Personal Journey
Where Are the Stones that Tripped Me? A Personal Journey
Where Are the Stones that Tripped Me? A Personal Journey
Where Are the Stones that Tripped Me? A Personal Journey
Where Are the Stones that Tripped Me? A Personal Journey

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