Where Did I Come From?

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This period is called pre-earth life. Throughout your pre-earth life, you were taught the principles and commandments that would lead to happiness.

You grew in intelligence and learned to love the truth. You were taught about the plan of salvation. During this pre-earth life, Jesus Christ was chosen as the Savior; you learned that through Him you would be able to overcome the effects of your wrong choices. You would be able to recognize His love and truth.


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Through your experiences and trials, you could learn to make right choices consistently. With the help of Jesus Christ, you would be able to return to live with Heavenly Father when your life on earth was over. Because He loves you, Heavenly Father gave you agency, or the power to make choices. He let you choose whether you would follow His plan and the Lord Jesus Christ. He wanted to force us all to do his will.

“Where do I come from?”

And most of all They even asked me questions. My daughter said, 'You had to do it twice? Today, they are ages 25 and Wow, did this book make my 'talk' easy, acceptable, and totally unfrightening! Guest More than 1 year ago When I was 5 my mother read this book to me and I feel that it opened the door for an great mother-daughter relationship.

Since then I have never had trouble coming to her for help or questions involving sex or puberty. If you teach your children FIRST then when they hear the wrong information, they will know it is wrong. Which in this day means a lot. And as for me, because of that book I was always under the impression that sex is for adults only and for a man and woman who love eachother. I am 23 and married and my husband is the only one i have ever been with due to what I was taught at a very young age.

It will make a difference in their lives! Guest More than 1 year ago My mother read this book to me when I was a child. I never had to go through the akward stage of wondering about my body or have to put my parents in the akward place of asking where babies came from. When my best friends 5 year old starting asking questions about babies, I told her about this book. My own son is almost 4 and I think it's time I broke out this book for him!

It's a wonderful thing to do for your child. Sex is a huge part of an adult life. We all need to remember that how we teach our children about sex, molds them for later in life. Don't mess up your child's chance for a happy adult sex life just because you're messed up with yours.

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Guest More than 1 year ago I can remember finding this book in the library I don't even remember what I was looking for.. I know my brother was born not long after this book, and it helped me to understand that it was an act of love Very good for explaining to your children. Guest More than 1 year ago Been looking for this book for quite a while! Stumbled across it and it's companion book 'What's Happening To Me' when my children were small. Realizing the importance of educating my children openly and honestly in what it means to be a sexual human being, and how to accept the wonders of being an adult, I found both books a fantastic aide in achieving that goal.

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Of course I believe in sharing a good thing, so when we were done, I passed the books along to the rest of my family who had little inquisitive minds to educate My children are grown now, and I see the end result of open, honest, unembarrassed sexual education Guest More than 1 year ago Just recently, I was asked what book I loved as a child. Seuss's, 'The cat in the hat'. I read this book when I was in the latter years of elementary school, i think, and I loved this book.

This book helped me understand the beauty of reproduction in a language that was age appropriate and humorous. I remember being engrossed in this book until I finished it, on the day that my dad bought it. The illusrations were realistic to my young mind and did not try tohide the intimacy of sex or the loving manner in which I like to believe I was conceived I was not planned.

I know that my love for reading was sparked at that time. It is a book that I treasure. Anonymous More than 1 year ago. Anonymous More than 1 year ago Hello, I remember reading this book when I was a child. Let me speak first from a 27 year old prospective. Who wouldn't be able to handle it! Seems Innocent you would think or say. I say this with an Open Heart to every Parent that may be reading this I would not be surprised if that was the Objective of the Author. Please do not read nor show this book to your children!

Use the pencil and the Pencil Sharpener story. And Age Is a Huge thing. I would think 7,8,9 or 10 would be a good age for you to speak to your Child make it as Innocent and Pure as you can not Describing the Action as this book did! I got onto Barnes and Noble. Let me say that this book if a terrific tool to introducing your kids to sex and the differences between the sexes. You wont be disappointed in this selection if this is the topic you find yourself facing with your kids. As another reviewer pointed out - it is better to let them know this stuff straight and at the time when they are curious about it and before they are shy, self-conscious and embarrassed.

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My 5 year old has been very interested in the subject, in one manner or another, and it seems to have completely satisfied his mind. It is a great opening step into this part of life.

Guest More than 1 year ago For the reviewers being 'horrified' to be reading this to a 4 or 5 year old - it is probably too detailed for that age. It laid things out in a truthful manner 'okay, other than the tickling part' and let me explain that it is all natural and beautiful within marriage.

Incidentally, my daughter just said after seeing the movie at school, 'Mom, it was so great to have already learned all that stuff from you.

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Where Did I Come From? Where Did I Come From?
Where Did I Come From? Where Did I Come From?
Where Did I Come From? Where Did I Come From?
Where Did I Come From? Where Did I Come From?
Where Did I Come From? Where Did I Come From?

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